Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Craft Lightning Scouts with Nautre

Hello my summer Darlin's! How has your summer been so far? I know 4th of July is over but, summer is far from done. My dear friends have been scouting around for weeks to give you a Craft Lightning Scouting Crafts edition that will keep your scouts, girls or boys busy for the rest of the season.
 Please make sure to visit the lovely and patience hosts for the Craft Lightning Scouting Craft round.
                                  Presenting! Angie from The Country Chic Cottage
                                                    Carolina from 30 Minute Crafts
                                                    & Laura from Laura Kelly designs

 My mom was my Girl Scout Leader along with some other wonderful people. Were you a Brownie, Indian Guide or Princess, a Tiger Cub or an Eagle Scout? I worked my way up to a Senior Cadet in Girl Scouts. My sash, beret, and book are part of my treasures along with the countless memories.
Scouts of any kind seem to blend with nature.
As you are scouting out fun during a meeting or on a trip here is a map to treasure. Search for these items and you will have half your supplies before you know it.
Free Printable Treasure Map to create a nature inspired craft with scouts.

 The other half of the supplies are pictured right below. So off with you to get started and you will be done before you know you've begun. Save the treasure map as a picture and you will be able to copy it up to an 8X10 inches.
Cut Crystal Chinet used  in a scout craft project with a battery operated candle and nature finds during a treasure hunt.
 After you have collected your treasures use a battery operated candle for safety. The small tea lights will work fine. The +Chinet Crystal Wine Glasses and Dessert plates are a nice choice. They are also affordable while the swirl gave a beautiful effect. 
Battery operated candle in Chinet Cut Crystal with items found on a nature hike using Free printable Treasure map.
 My treasure map om vacation turned up a few shells, pine cones, and a half a clam shell. After letting them dry in the sun on the patio I cleaned them ans since my adventure was over I brought them home. You should be able to do this with a quick hike and the other supplies in less than 15 minutes. 
A vignette displaying Chinet Cut Crystal with battery operated candle and natures finds gathered on dessert plate
 To be honest I found a few other treasures that some of you may like. I thought better than to bring them in my home. Do you want to know what I found? Of course you do! I found a snake, frog, snapping turtle, and the skin shed from a snake. I tried to dry some sea weed but it did not work out very well. (the Smell) Ugh! 
 I hope you treasure the memories you make with your scouts. My scouting memories are some of my favorite times growing up. Well to be honest I am still growing up today. My troop experiences sure gave me an awesome start though. 

My Grandma called me Darlin'! When she said it I felt like the only person in the room. While I am writing I see each one of you who take time to spend with me. Please join me in social media to expand our relationships.

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~ Let Your Creative Spirit Dance  ~

Until Next Time Happy Creating,   

                                                     Karen Marie

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  1. I love this so much! We love Chinet and nature so this is a must do for sure on our next camping trip! XK

  2. Laura Kelly,

    Thank you! We Do Love Chinet!
    Happy Creating,
    Karen Marie


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