Joy It Is 2015

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Word of the year, Joy, 2015, Lights, Sparkling Joy, Teal, White, Circles
   These three letters have a lot of work to do this year. I am using Joy as my word for the year. What does that mean? The easiest way to explain is this years word was determination. When I picked that word I thought it would encourage me to get things done, take care of myself, build the blog, and have some fun. I had no idea how much I needed that word. 

 Determination helped me through one of the hardest years I have been through in a long time. In order not to share information about others, lets just go with a summary of moments. Starting the year at the hospital with loved ones, ending it with more hospital visits and healing needed is just a small part of it all. Moving households 4 times in one year that are not yours. Meeting wonderful new friends in Florida while working towards selling a home and a trip across country took more determination too.
  A couple of weeks ago I was having a conversation with my son in college about choosing my word for the year. I asked him to guess what word I chose? He quickly responded with Relaxation! It was then I knew I had the right word in mind. As you can see from above I chose JOY! What does this word thing mean? I will use this word to remind me of the direction I want to go for the year. In the dictionary joy is defined as; a feeling of great pleasure and happiness. A few synonyms are delight, jubilation, glee, exhilaration, triumph and exuberance. 
Joy is how I am greeting the days of this coming year. 
Dragonfly, Lily Pads, Lace wings, Blue, Black, Green
Capturing this dainty lace dragonfly with my camera!
Loon, Lake, Black, White, Spring in Michigan
                     Spring brings the Loons to the lake as they travel North.
Lightning Bugs, Grass, Summer, Dusk
Sitting in the grass taking hundreds of pictures a dusk to 
snap this little spark of light. 
Lake house, Sand, Beach, Dock, Kayaks, Adirondack Chairs
Our home at the lake with our own beach.
Our Home, Christmas, Snow, Decoration
The home we have built our life in all dressed up for the Holidays
Cricket, Our Puppy, Golden Retriever,
Her unconditional love
My Family
My Family 
Prince Charming and me
Prince Charming and Me
   Now with the definition, explanation and pictures worth more than a thousand 
words. Do you know what direction Joy is going to bring me in 2015? 
 Think for a moment of a word which will give you focus to your life in 2015.
Do you know what it is? Leave it in the comments of this post. I will learn about your plans as I have shared mine. 

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~ Let Your Creative Spirit Dance ~

Until Next Time,

Karen Marie

Cheers and Happy New Year as we ring in 2015!

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Amanda Thomas said...

When you go into each day with joy in your heart it makes it easier to deal with the stress and trials in day to day life. :)

Unknown said...

I enjoyed reading your post. Despite this being my first visit, I could already feel the sense of joy that I am sure you will bring forth to your future postings. Your personality simply shines through your writing.

Karen Marie said...

Thank you for starting off the new year with me. I am thrilled that you understand my focus for the year.
Happy 2015,
Karen Marie

Karen Marie said...

Snarky Momma,
Thank you for the kind words you shared with me today on this first day of the year.
Happy 2015,
Karen Marie

Unknown said...

I wish you a joyous journey through 2015 both in your professional and personal life :)

Stephanie @ Sandpaper and Glue said...

Great word choice, Karen. And I love all your pictures!! :)

Karen Marie said...

Thank you for your sweet wishes during 2015. I hope you are blessed with happiness and success in 2015.
Happy Creating,
Karen Marie

Karen Marie said...

I am so glad you visited today. I am improving my picture skills as I go. I am wishing you success and happiness in 2015.
Happy Creating,
Karen Marie