Thursday, July 24, 2014

Summer Patio Deal

    Whether it is in Michigan or Illinois, you bet I will be out looking for Summer patio deals. After all for us this is furniture that is only getting used part of the year. Now having two homes there are plenty of opportunities to add a bit of seating, tables for beverages, and cushions with pretty fabric too.
   Today, I definitely added to the patio pizazz, with a stop at +Pier 1 Imports, while my Prince Charming stopped at +Lowe's Home Improvement. He is doing a cool storage project in the garage. I  will write about his dazzling project when he completes it. I will also have an upcoming post on my +Pier 1 Imports shopping trip soon.
   Today I want to share a quick project with you that required no tools, is a great budget saver, and looks like an expensive piece of furniture.
   I was shopping at +Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores in Countryside, IL. Before the 4th of July during their Summer Clearance. Yes of course a 20% of all my purchase coupon was at the ready in my cellphone. I came across a plastic wicker planter for $19.99 reduce from $69.99. I was fast at grabbing that black brown weave, because a simple idea was brewing. As I walked up and down the aisles, trying to remember my list of "needed" items, I came to a tin serving tray with rope handles for $9.99. The plan was hatched, that tin tray practically leapt into my cart. All it needed was a ride to the lake for completion.  
  When you read my read my post "Favorite" Silhouette Challenge, you already saw the table. If you missed it click on the title to read about the topiary project I made.
   This is what the basket looked like when, 
I bought my steal of a deal
 Pier 1 Imports Wicker Swivel Chair, Wicker Planter from JoAnns, Patio
I used my incredible find, 
to make a wicker table with a tin top. 
Can you believe this table was $24.00, and has storage for sand toys on the beach? 
Wicker brown planter, Wicker Table, Knockoff, Tin Tray, Pier 1 Imports Chair

Doesn't this look sweet with my July Silhouette Challenge project,
 proudly decorating the table.
Cricket,, Golden Retreiver, Pier 1 Imports Wicker Swivel Chair. Wicker Planter, Tin serving Tray, Wicker and Tin Serving Tray
 This is Cricket modeling the complete table. 
I am sure that ball in the picture, 
has nothing to do with why she is sitting there. 
Poor baby is waiting for me to finish my work, so I can play with her.

I would love to read what you have found as Summer Patio deals.
Please Share your good fortune in the comments.
What do you think of the Patio Table or the price?
Do you have an idea of how this can be used when it is brought inside?

I love the lake and playing with Cricket, so I will be off for today.

There is one more piece of unfinished business.
 I must announce 
The Winner of the Small Topiary is:
Sarah Vanderkooy
I have just sent you an email to notify you.

 Thank you to all of my readers who entered.

To each and every one of you who take your time to read my words. 
I appreciate you more than words can express.
 I started out blogging to share with others what I love. 
In turn I found you, who want to read my words about things I love. 
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Until next Time, 
              Karen Marie

~Let Your Creative Spirit Dance~


  1. Wow! I never seem to be at the right place at the right time for deals like this! Looks great and your challenge project is the perfect touch!
    Glenna @ My Paper Craze

    1. Glenna,
      I am so grateful for your kind comment. I was a lucky girl that day.
      Thank you,
      Karen Marie

  2. Your photos are so fabulous. And the one with the dog is a cutie. Ha! I love the decor from your silhouette challenge. Great job!!!

  3. Denise,
    Thanks for coming by and leaving such a sweet comment.
    Keep Well,
    Karen Marie

  4. It looks like Cricket have had a refreshing dip :)
    Love the project!

    1. Mila,
      Yes, Cricket loves to fish in the lake. Thank you for your compliment on my project.
      Karen Marie

  5. Shelley,
    Thank you we love her she is very sweet.
    Karen Marie


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