Spring Cleaning Giveaway

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

   Spring is in the air we all have cleaning on our minds. I am excited to offer you two Fun ways to spruce up your home today. First up is a Free 8 X 10 Printable I created to add to your home decor. It is original and signed somewhere on this print. I bet you will not find it either because I hid it very well. You are welcome to copy and save as a picture in your computer, press print add a frame.

               Spring To Life Free Printable, Birch Tree, Green Leaves, White, Light Blue, Shades of Green

Standing in My Shoes

Saturday, March 7, 2015

  As I look in the mirror the reflection of a woman full of promise, hope, standing in my own beauty. I am proud, feel a sense of peace, knowing I am a still a work in progress. Today I am standing in my own shoes. Why is it important I am standing in my own shoes?
 After a simple accident at home followed by three surgeries in as many years. I worked with wonderful therapists who helped me retrain my nerve and brain to work after a fall. I am left with questions that have no answers from some of the lasting effects of this accident. Which I find extremely frustrating. In my living room a single high heel black shoe with sequins trim between the seam of heel and the shoe. I found the picture at +Home Goods and Decor on my way home from one of the many occupational and, physical therapy sessions during three years of rehabilitation.The print is out of the ordinary for my decor but it doesn't matter because it is a symbol of my strength, courage and determination it took me to battle back. The words in in the print are all encouraging to rise above and strive for the best.
Standing in My Shoes, Stand Up, Black and Cream, Inspiring words, D&LP