Faux Etched Glass

Friday, February 24, 2017

I had the honor of subbing for the Silhouette School blog a while back. This is an update to the post I shared there. We have come a long way baby in materials for Faux Etched Glass. Since I wrote this post you can now find window cling readily available. I still is more cost effective to use the frosted vinyl you find at the fabric store but it depends on your needs.
 Here are my suggestions as to which material to use for each type of project you are making. 
  If you are using Window Cling Vinyl consider these attributes of the product.
1) Durable 2) Reusable 3) Higher Cost 4) Better for long term ex: Home Decor 
When using Frosted Vinyl yard goods there are different attributes to consider. 
1) Disposable 2) Delicate 3) Lower Cost 4) Great for Party Decor 
As you will find as you continue to read I decorated my door at the lake. The climate is always damp even on on a sunny day or draught. There is moisture everywhere. The original post that I have updated is more than two years ago. The dragonflies on the Back door are still there. The K is gone but the rest of the faux etched glass completed on the original post did not come off. I did wash the window and rearrange them since then. Watch my Keep on eye on my instagram during the next few weeks and I will snap a picture during my next visit.